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Tips for selecting the best home security system

In this day and age, finding the best home security system is vitally important to protect your property and your family from the dangers that modern life throws at us. The home security sector is a highly competitive industry with many hundreds of companies offering varied levels of service for vastly different prices, so selecting the right home security system for your property can be difficult. Read our guide below as we identify some of the best home security system solutions.

One company that has an unrivaled reputation is Front point. Some websites such as ASecureLife.com have ranked Frontpoint the best home security system for nine years in a row. Their system uses wireless communication and cellular connections in order to function. This is especially important since you wouldn’t have to worry about a power cut for example, or an interruption in the phone line system. The dedicated wireless connection that all Frontpoint systems come with ensures your system never goes down, and can’t be disabled by simply switching off the power. Not many security systems offer this, so make sure you consider Frontpoint. One aspect of the Frontpoint experience which sets them apart from the competition is their immensely popular customer service system. ave been impressed by Customers who use Frontpoint have been impressed by the help and support they receive when they have any issues.

One disadvantage of the Frontpoint system is the relatively expensive cost of the system compared to their competitors. This added cost is in the most part due to the dedicated wireless system that the Frontpoint security system uses. But most people believe that spending that little bit extra for this feature could pay off in the long term if you ever had to use the feature. Another issue to look out for is that Frontpoint don’t offer a lifetime warranty on their equipment, so if the system stopped working, then you’d have to finance the repairs yourself.4

One other security system to consider is “Protect America”. This is a more affordable system, but still gets very good reviews. They offer cellular monitoring, which in our opinion is the optimum way for your security system to communicate with the monitoring staff at Protect America HQ. These systems do come with an equipment lifetime warranty, meaning you are covered in case your equipment fails. This is an advantage of the “Protect America” service over Frontpoint. With a DIY installation, this only goes to highlight how easy the system is to setup and use. However, there has been a few issues identified about their customer service, so if the company improved on this aspect of their operations, they may well challenge Frontpoint as the best home security system. If you are on a budget, then “Protect America” may be the best option, but if you can afford a higher priced system, then the Frontpoint home security system should be your first port of call.