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Reputation management company New York has acquired a new client the Jays from Sweden. They want help into getting into the North American earphone market. Beats, Bose, Sennheiser, and Sony dominate the market here in terms of sales. There are other better brands for earphones but not many sales as these four brands mentioned. Jays is one of those better brands but they want to be part of the top selling earphones. The thing about American culture is that when a celebrity advertises a product, many people tend to follow that celebrity on every level, whether if its for purchasing the same shoes or wallet, people will imitate their favorite celebrity. This is why when a celebrity is caught wearing with beats headphones, everyone assumes its the best headphones and everyone else will want to buy such a product. However, if you were to speak to any audiophile, they would tell you how terrible beats headphones are for the price. They are good headphones if it costed $40.00 instead of $400.00. Most of that price is to cover the cost for marketing the product but very little are sent back into research and development. Jays Headphones put all their capital into research and development because they believe in making a great product that can sell itself. The amazing part is that it’s extremely inexpensive compared to other major brands and they have much better quality; not only in sound but in build construction as well.

Reputation management company focused on getting written and recorded reviews about the products from famous tech critics. All of them had only positive things to say. The only negative review they stated was that it creates noise from the cord banging on the wearers shirt and send the vibrational sounds up to your eardrums directly. It sounds worse than what it is but that was the only negative point anyone commented on. All the critics were quite impressed with their custom design driver. Their team worked quite a bit before they had a working driver that was perfect for any genre of music. The earphones, Ajays Four+, were made to have an amazing punchy bass and it did, it was better than most headphones. These earphones were made for people who wanted a special experience listening to their music. It was made for people who had a wide array of interests in music. Beats were made for rap and R & B with the overpowering bass but most music listeners need a perfect balance in sound and the Ajays Four+ does just that.