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Information on How to Speed Up Your Slow Computer

Since Windows 10 has come on the market, there have also been many free programs on the internet to help with speeding up your computer. These programs work with other operating systems also. But most of them were put on the internet since Window 10 operating systems seem to have the most problems.


So, if your computer is running slow there are ways to speed up your computer with the best way being to unclutter your Windows Registry. Some people describe the Windows Registry as the engine that runs your Windows Operating System. The more a computer is used, the more the registry gets cluttered up by things such as:

Misplaced data


Bad programs

Parts of uninstalled programs

All of this clutter can:

Slow down your computer

Cause crashes

Cause errors

Some computer problems are also caused by a damaged Registry. Find a program that declutters and fixes your Register and you will find:

Slow computer performance speeds up

Slow computer start-ups run faster

No more or fewer computer crashes

No more crashes during start up

No longer loading times

Fewer error messages popping up

Fewer programs not working

Getting rid of clutter is the number 1 way to return your computer speed back to what it was when you first bought your computer.

Registry Cleaner program

A good Registry Cleaner is easy to find over the internet, and some of them have other little programs attached to fix other items on the computer. But there are some problems that can be attached to these registry cleaners especially the free ones. Many of them are ways to get your computer really messed up with virus or malware. The largest problems are that some of these are SCAMS that say they will fix your Registry but instead install advertising or pop-up programs on your computer.

Consumers Guides.org

Consumers Guides.org has tested many of these programs and they have found that some of these programs will plant various Registry infections. They test these programs by running them on computers that already have registry infections as a way of finding which programs can remove the infections completely on various computer systems.


So, it might be better to spend the money to get a good Registry Cleaning program. Most of them are very inexpensive and are well worth the money.