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How to unlock your cell phone

Unlocking your mobile phone proves to be very convenient and also saves your money. A cell phone which is unlocked accepts all the SIM cards from any of the service providers. The city of Vancouver has many centres to unlock your cell phone. Unlock phone Vancouver by visiting the best service provider. Cell Clinic Vancouver is one of the best repair centres who can unlock your phone and let you take advantage of various benefits. If you unlock your phone and travel to some other place, you can save much of your money. An unlocked cell phone allows you to purchase SIM card from any country. This saves you from unnecessary expenditure on roaming calls. Besides this if your cell phone is unlocked, you can easily choose service provider of your choice. There is no need to sign a contract for year. This helps you to get special discounts on monthly bills.

Procedure to unlock the cell phone:

  • Contact the Cell clinic Vancouver by email or give them a call.
  • Provide them the information about your phone model, the provider to whom your phone is locked to and the “imei number”.
  • Once you provide this information, the process of unlocking the phone starts.
  • If you possess an android phone, unlock time may vary from 1-2 days
  • If you possess an apple phone, unlock time may vary from 1-5 days.

There is no need to deposit your phone at the repair centre to unlock it. Unlocking of android cell phones proves least expensive. If you get a “factory unlock” for your phone, be sure that it will never be locked again. Payment is done by means of a credit card. If due to any reasons unlocks fail to process, you will get a full refund