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Don’t Have Time to Shred? Hire a Mobile Shredding Service!

When you take a look at the state of your office, it’s obvious how a completely paperless future is a long way off. If you’re like most residents of Oakville, you’ve got paper stacked on nearly every flat service in your office. Your filing cabinets are full and so are your desk drawers. If it they aren’t packed with financial statements and bills, they are with receipts. (Why is that every business in Oakville prints mile long receipts?). It’s enough to make you want to scream, yet you’re hesitant to throw anything out. Not because you’re worried about disposing of something important, but because of the threat that it could pose.

The bills and financial statements currently taking up valuable space in your office aren’t just innocent pieces of paper. They hold a lot of information that identity thieves are salivating to get their hands on. Your name, contact details, and account numbers are all things that they can use to open false accounts and wrack up a lot of debt under your name. So desperate are they to find this information that they’ll stop at nothing to find it, including checking your garbage and recycling bins when you leave them at the end of your drive for pick up.

Throwing out your garbage isn’t an option, but neither is keeping it in your office. In which case, it’s times to find a paper shredding company in Oakville. These companies offer secure document shredding services that can eliminate the threat of identity fraud. Using the best mobile shredding trucks, these companies send out fully bonded and uniformed representatives to your home. These individuals will collect all of your paper documents (as well as any old electronics you want destroyed) and incinerate them using their trucks, on site at your curb. Once they’re done, you’ll receive a guarantee that their process has left your documents and electronics completely unreadable. Then they’ll transport the shredded remains to a secure recycling plant.

While this is happening, you can go about your day as usual. You don’t have to sacrifice any of your time in order to protect yourself from identity theft. You only need to be home in order to let the shredding services’ representatives into your home. By scheduling your appointment on a day that you know you’ll be home anyway will keep their intrusion on your routine to a minimum. And unlike trying to shred all of your documents by yourself with a home shredder, you have your entire day to fill with chores as the representatives shred.

You can arrange a one-time pickup or schedule a routine pick up. Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to keep the mess in your office to a minimum. So find a shredding service in Oakville that can help and look forward to a clutter free office!