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Clip&Go: Edit Videos on Android Easily

Nowadays it is really quite convenient to shoot video footage no matter where you are, as pretty much all smartphones and tablets come equipped with cameras – some that are even able to record at resolutions of up to 1080p or 4k. However if you want to really start creating videos that look good you need to not only be able to record the footage that you need – but also be able to compile and edit it.

For that it would help to have Clip&Go readily on hand. It is a simple Android video editor that will let you compile video footage, edit it, and turn it into the video that you want it to be.

Simple and User-Friendly

It is worth noting that Clip&Go is very different from other video editors, or what you may imagine them to be. It fully embraces a simple and ‘no frills’ approach to Android video editing that will give you exactly what you need to create a basic video, but foregoes the trimmings that come with many other ‘professional’ video editors.

That being said, it is because of its simple approach that it is so easy to use. Unlike other video editors that tend to have a steep learning curve, Clip&Go is so user-friendly that you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with it in minutes at most.

All the Necessary Features

While it may not exactly be brimming with features, Clip&Go definitely has everything that is necessary to create great videos. When you use it you will be able to easily navigate its clean interface and find features that will allow you to:

  • Add as many video clips as you want to include in your video and arrange them in the order that you want them to appear.
  • Cut and trim out any parts of the video footage that you don’t require.
  • Insert background music by adding a track from your device’s memory or using one of the built-in tracks.
  • Duplicate a video track by copying it.
  • Set the aspect ratio that you want to use when saving the video.
  • Choose to save the finished video on your Android device or upload it to social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

Suffice to say you should be able to quite easily record some video footage on your Android smartphone and tablet, compile it, remove the bits you don’t need, and set a music track to accompany it. By the time you’re done you’ll have a short video or home movie that looks good enough to be shared online – and the best part is you wouldn’t have had to go through that much trouble to get the job done.