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The best social media marketing trends

Social media networks have existed for some time now and they make the world feel so small. For instance, when using Facebook, you can interact with people that you have not seen for decades and those living far away from you. This is the same feeling you get when using Twitter as well. Technology is becoming more human each day and smart phones contribute so much to the mix. Social media now has an impact on how we socialize, work and play.

There are several social media trends which are very useful to entrepreneurs. The first trend is live streaming video. In the year 2004, YouTube was a sensation. This technology allowed people to record, upload and view videos. But now, mobile phones are the broadcasting devices which let one capture a live moment and share it as it happens. With live streaming, there is no editing.  The recording is a raw live footage. The most common live streaming now is Facebook which has changed how people share stories and it is a very good way of engaging with a targetaudience. These Facebook engagement trends are a new way to build credibility and trust online with content that is not filtered.

The second social media marketing trend is chatbots. A chatbot is a conversational agent that is designed to stimulate conversation without a person being present. Facebook chatbots are very common – they have gained popularity easily and they are a tool for marketers to leverage. They provide flexibility to be able to automate tasks and they also help in retrieving data. Chatbots have also become a vital way of enhancing customer experience that helps to imrpovecustomer service and increase interaction. The chatbots are designed in a manner that they can be able to respond to any question promptly and this is very useful because many customers always want prompt responses. However, they must be seen by brands as a first line of defence – a real human must pick up the query in order to resolve it to the satisfaction of the customer in a personal way.

The third social media marketing trend is expiring social content. Getting attention online is a fight between brands which have savvy marketers with little money, against big budgets and know how to hack growth by using social media. There is so much noise online and it is not easy to stand out. This is why the “making content expire” tactic was brought about. Expiring content brings urgency to the table and visitors are now forced to view posted content before it expires. This tactic is used by Instagram and, in particular,Snapchat stories which last for only 24 hours.

The next social media marketing trend is consolidation. As big enterprises move to social media, the rules will go on changing. Control will be applied and purchasing a seat at the table will eventually be a high stakes game. This is expected to go on as the small businesses struggle to break through the clutter. It is dangerous to assume that Twitter engagement trends and any other social media engagement trends will remain as they are. You must keep watch on the changing landscape and go on reinventing your tactics in order to succeed.